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Our Mission
Having lived in South America since my childhood I came to face how this world is not fair for many people who live in poverty, because they do not get to enjoy what we can enjoy in our country. For example, when they are sick they cannot see a doctor if they have no financial resources, they do not have enough food to eat and water to drink, they sleep on streets in cold weather, some of them are abandoned and ended up in an orphanage, and the list goes on and on.  For this reason, I went back to South America, Brazil, to teach English and Bible to orphan children for a year, after getting my Master of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Today, many of the Latin American countries are filled with a high percentage of crimes, including teen prostitution, kidnapping, robbery, and so on... About four years ago my dad personally faced a robbery inside of his house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A man aimed a gun at my dad, and two men went room to room with one large sack each for about 1 1/2 hours. Thanks to God they did not shoot my father although they took everything that was in the house. By looking to that, I thanked God for saving my dad's life and also for given my dad's belongings to someone who needed them the most. However, I also came to a conclusion that something must be done to create a safer world to live for our children.

I love children and believe it is indispensable for them to be led on a righteous path. I believe that by nurturing them in the Christian living in their early years, they will one day become the church leaders of the future generation. Their future lives depend very much on how they are shaped in their early years. For this reason, I became a pastor, and a missionary to tend the souls of orphan children in South America and around the world. I also became a board certified pastoral counselor and a psychologist; so that, I can help these unfortunate children infinitely with income I will make. However, this kind of job is not to be done alone, but we must join our hands together to do outreach to the ends of the world, because we have been called by God, to fulfill the call to become a soldier of Christ in waking life. Practically this means to use the gifts, which God has given us, to guide and counsel people who are spiritually suffering as well as to promote more far-reaching goals of the church, to teach and evangelize

- Rev. Paul K. Ha -.

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Where we help, presently:

* Brazil: Lar Tia Edna Orphanage (Sao Paulo)

* World Vision

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