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                                                                              MISSION to CUBA

Starting off

To many of us, we are privileged in chasing after our dreams and seeing our dreams come true. However there are people out there that does not have as much hope as us. This coming summer, God has blessed me with an opportunity to go to a nation with many difficulties, where many people have no choice but to let go of their dreams. Me and a team of 14 members from Crystal Evangelical Church of NY will be there from July 15th to July 22nd.

Background Of The Nation
Although there is freedom of religion, it is very limited. Therefore there are many underground churches receiving severe persecution. Hence, it is very difficult for people in this nation to worship our unconditionally loving God, our Father in Heaven.  

For more information, please contact me privately, and I will be more than glad to share. 

Our theme for this mission trip will be “Dreaming Together” and the people that we will be ministering to are those that are not free to live out their dreams, let alone God's dreams. We are going to this nation this summer to turn this view around in the light of the Gospel, and help these people's dreams come true in Christ. We are going out to this nation to accomplish the Great Commission. This summer, our God, who is so rich in mercy and love has given us this opportunity to reach out to this broken nation.  We are all excited for what God will do with us in this nation. This missions trip will really test our boldness, faith, and trust in our almighty God. 

How You Can Help
We cannot do this alone. We need prayers and financial support to be able to go out there and help people see a glimpse of God's love and a hope of seeing their dreams come true in Christ. Therefore, we would like to invite you to be a part of this journey, as we go out into the field, giving these people the hope and love that God has given to us.

Help the children of this nation see hope of one day becoming leaders, one day achieving their child-like dreams in Christ. Help the families of this nation be able to teach and lead with the love of God and with the hope of having a God-centered family. Most of all help make dreams come true.

Would you consider joining my team by praying for me and my team and/or helping me raise $1000 by July 2nd? All prayers and any amount of money you are willing to offer will truly be accepted and appreciated. 

The funds raised will help pay for food, transportation, housing, and in helping the people of this nation. Thank you!                                                                                                                                    Andrew Ha